General and specific conditions required for membership of the voting and non-voting members

Membership regulations for Voting Members:
A. Iranian Citizenship
B. Acknowledgement of and compliance with ILDA’s articles of association and its clauses
C. Having Commercial ID card or membership in Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
D. Having a legally active company registered within industries or activities in accordance with ILDA’s scope of activities and objectives
E. Presenting one of the following licenses or permits issued by the competent authorities:
1. Manufacturers have to present an operations license from ministry of industry and commerce or a certification of industrial activity which would be evaluated and validated by the board of ILDA association.
2. Contractors and consultants must present evaluation grades from Planning and Budgeting Organization for their activities (facilities, power and construction) along with the submitting a minimum of two relevant contracts and approval of clients.
3. Importers must present proof of distributorship, representation, etc. from international companies or custom importation permit. It must be noted that the provided documents from importers are only accepted for goods which have met the necessary standards.
4. Lighting and Luminaire designers must present a minimum of two relevant contracts along with the client’s approval besides proof of sufficient education or training on the respective fields which will be evaluated by a committee of ILDA association
F. Payment of Entrance fee and the annual membership fee
G. All resolutions passed by the assembly and the articles of the association are binding.
Note: the baoard of directors is responsible for the confirmation and approval of all the discussed cases and documents. All necessary procedures are undertaken by respective committees and will then be reviewed and confirmed by the board of directors if necessary.
H. Acknowledgement and signing of ILDA’s codes of ethics

Regulations for Honorary Members:
At the discretion and approval of the board of directors of all natural person and legal-entity who are directly or indirectly in the field of activity of the association and all those interested in the field of activity of the association such as university professors, students, startups, knowledge-based companies, winners of national awards And international, relevant officials and… are accepted to the honorary membership of the Association.
1- Honorary members do not have the right to vote and announce their candidacy for membership in the board of directors of the association.
2- If necessary, upon the proposal of the secretary of the work group, it is possible membership of honorary members in work groups after the approval of the board of directors.
3- The amount of honorary membership fee is as follows which in special cases, with the approval of the board, they are exempt from payment.
4- Honorary members are divided into three categories:
I) Student and general: Annual membership fee 1,000,000 IRR
II) Professional and expert: the amount of the annual membership fee at the discretion of the board of directors is at least 5,000/000 IRR
III) Special: The amount of membership fee at the discretion of the Board of Directors Minimum 5,000,000 IRR

The conditions of each will be determined upon the request and approval of the board of directors of the association.

    انجمن حرفه ای روشنایی و نورپردازی توسط جمعی از فعالان شناخته شده در حوزه نور و صنعت روشنایی کشور تاسیس شده که در زمینه های مختلف تولیدی، تجاری، طراحی، اجرایی فعالیت دارند.
    این انجمن به عنوان تنها تشکل رسمی غیر انتفاعی و تخصصی نور و روشنایی وابسته به اتاق بازرگانی برای ایجاد بستر لازم و حضور گسترده تمامی فعالان صنعت روشنایی با رویکرد حمایت از بهبود فضای کسب و کار و امکان بهره برداری بیشتر از سرمایه گذاری و استفاده و انتقال تجربیات علمی و عملی دست اندر کاران پا به عرصه فعالیت گذاشته است.


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