Lighting Competition 2020

April 26, 2020 in Competitions

Lighting Competition 2020


1- The development of lighting design expertise in the architecture and lighting community
2- greatening the importance of lighting in architecture, public and urban spaces, safety and wellbeing.
3- Creating fair competition for lighting designers and experts to compete and improve the quantitative and qualitative aspects of lighting projects
4- Creating the necessary platform to introduce standard and notable lighting projects and celebrating top designers
5- Promoting the advancement of lighting design as an intrinsic part of architecture

Categories Lighting design for:

Public spaces, commercial and office buildings (in two sections of indoor and outdoor lighting)
residential buildings (apartments and villas) (in two sections of indoor and outdoor lighting)
historical buildings
urban elements
land scape

The Jury panel

Professor Stephen Hoffmann (lighting designer from Germany)


– Lighting designer and managing director of Lichtwerke GmbH, Cologne, Germany with more than 20 years of experience in theater and artistic lighting

– Member of the faculty of lighting and performing arts department at Kaiserslautern University since 2009 with a focus on applied sciences in the field of architectural design and interior architecture

Projects and international awards:

Ekaterinburg Russia [German Lighting Design Award 2018, IES “Award of Merit” 2018, SEGD “Award of Merit” 2018, both USA]
Boris Jelzin Presidential Center
AEB Headquarters, Stuttgart [German Lighting Design Award 2018],
Maredo Steakhaus Gendarmenmarkt Berlin [IES “Award of Merit” 2017, USA]

Mohammad Majidi (Architect)


– Master of architecture from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran
– Founder of Bonsar Consulting Engineers
– winner of the Aga Khan Award for the warehouse and furniture showroom project
– Selected by the World Architecture Festival in 2008 for the Villashahr residential complex project
– Winner of the Memar Award for warehouse and furniture showroom project and residential project
– Articles and works published in the 21st Century Atlas of World Architecture (THE PHAIDON ATLAS OF 21st CENTURY WORLD ARCHITECTURE)
– Presenting the Charsoo market project at the Venice Biennale in 2015
– Publication of a select collection of works in the book of Iranian Contemporary Architects in Austria with the support of Vienna Polytechnic University
– Lecturer at TEDX TEHRAN in Vahdat Hall with the title “In praise of the void” in 2016

Mohammad Reza Ghodoosi (Architect)

– Master of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University
– Co-founder of Zav Architecture Office
Architecture Awards:
– Winner of several Memar awards
– Selected by the New York Times in 2009 
– Iran’s representative in the London Architecture Biennale in 2014
– Two selected projects at the Fritz Hooger Award, 2017
– Winner of the House of the Year from AR Magazine 2018
– Two Architizer Awards 2018
– WAN Awards Cheap Housing Award 2018
– Dezeen’s Cultural building of the year 2019
– VAF’s most notable villa in 2019
– Selected for Colour in Architecture at WAN Awards 2019

Dr. Kaveh Ahmadian (lighting designer)

-Illuminating and lighting designer
– PhD candidate in lighting, KU LEUVEN University, Belgium
– Author and translator of textbooks on lighting

Mohammad Ali Abbasi (lighting designer)


– Completion of a professional course on lighting in Greece (Professor Paceidis)
– Lighting consultant and instructor in Tehran Beautification Organization
– Instructor of lighting and software at Jahad DAneshgahi extra-curriculum courses of Elmi-Karbordi University and Tehran University of Arts
– advisory board Member of the Second Iran lighting design conference

Lighting Contest Secretary

Mehdi Yousefinia


– Lighting designer
– 2014 Iranian top lighting designer for interior spaces
– Jury member several of lighting competitions 
– Co-founder of Illumination and Lighting Design Association

Executive committee

In Alphabetical order:

Ali Baranj Kar Gorabi

– Lighting expert in design and supply
– Chief Inspector of Illumination and Lighting Design Association

Amir Hossein Blourian Tehrani

– Computer Hardware Engineer
– Expert in industrial electricity, automation and lighting
– Member of Iran National Electric and Electronics Committee (INEC)
– Former Regional Manager for Philips Lighting

Mohammad Ali Abbasi

Seyed Ali Mirfakhraei

– Expert in lighting and lighting component supply
– Chairman of the Board at Illumination and Lighting Design Association
– Treasurer and member of the board at the Iranian Association of Electric Lighting Manufacturers

Mehdi Yousefinia

Terms of participation(participants qualification)

All individuals and organizations have the opportunity to participate in the competition.
The lighting of the project must be fully executed and completed, and not merely a plan and concept or in progress.
Projects completed at beginning of 2017 onwards have the opportunity to participate in the competition.
The participant undertakes that they are the owner of the intellectual and legal property of the project and has obtained the necessary permits from all legal owners of the project, including the employer, architectural designer, etc. In this regard, no legal responsibility rests with the organizer of the competition.
All submitted photos or videos must not contain any logos or names and must be without any digital manipulations or changes in light, color, etc.
In the description section, state the design concept and lighting equipment used in the project to assist with the evaluation process.
In any of stage of the competition, if the above criteria are not met, the organizer has the right to remove the project from the competition.

Important dates

Deadline for submitting works is 31/03/1399
Announcement of arbitration results 04/15/1399


A plaque of appreciation will be awarded to the first three winners of each category in one of ILDA’s future conferences and the best lighting project of the year in each category will be nominated.
Introducing projects and winners on the ILDA site and Instagram page for one year.
One year free ILDA membership for the winner of each category (membership for individuals) and 50% discount on entrance and annual ILDA membership fees for organizations.

    انجمن حرفه ای روشنایی و نورپردازی توسط جمعی از فعالان شناخته شده در حوزه نور و صنعت روشنایی کشور تاسیس شده که در زمینه های مختلف تولیدی، تجاری، طراحی، اجرایی فعالیت دارند.
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